Five Reasons Why Your Practice Should Implement a SIEM

Medicus IT

By Medicus IT

A Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) system combines analyzing system events and device logs in real time to safeguard against unauthorized access to protected information. By utilizing a SIEM, it highlights the actionable events to proactively prevent a security incident while filtering out the noise found in traditional log data.

To best protect systems and ePHI, Healthcare practices should implement a multi-layered cybersecurity program to help protect their sensitive data and ultimately protect the practice. One way to improve any cybersecurity program is by utilizing SIEM.

Five reasons why your practice should implement a SIEM:

1. Respond to Incidents In Real Time

2. Reporting - Ability to Prove it

3. HIPAA Security Compliance

4. Dedicated Cybersecurity Team

5. A Single Security Breach Could Put Your Practice at Risk