Hardware as a Service - Why You Should Purchase Hardware Through Your IT Company

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Technology is changing fast. Every year a new product comes out that changes the game. Every week a new update is downloaded to improve current technology. And every day, new ideas are born into existence for the next great tech innovation.

Because of this, it can be hard to ensure that your organization is up-to-date each year in and year out with the best technologies out there. Your information technology department is hit particularly hard by these changes.

Keeping your IT up-to-date and refreshed each year is vital for keeping your organization functioning at a high rate. And, for industries like healthcare, avoiding outdated tech is crucial for keeping your data safe — in the case of healthcare organizations, their patients' data secure.

Today, we're going to talk about how partnering with a Hardware as a Service (HaaS) provider can help keep your tech up-to-date.

Hardware as a Service — What it is

Hardware as a Service (HaaS), otherwise commonly referred to as infrastructure as a service (IaaS), is a pay-as-you-go model where you'll pay your managed services provider to take care of your hardware upgrades, as well as perform maintenance and management on that tech.

So, instead of going out and buying when you notice it becomes outdated or isn't functioning properly, your managed services provider (IT company) will continuously make upgrades for you, limiting downtime and frustration.

So, what are the benefits of going with this type of hardware solution?

Here are four great benefits of hardware as a service:

No More Outdated Tech

As mentioned previously, one of the most significant benefits of HaaS is that you'll always have up-to-date tech, which can help ensure that your organization is running correctly.

On top of this, outdated tech is susceptible to cyber-attacks and data breaches. So, for hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers (who are big targets for hackers), going with HaaS is a smart decision.

Save Money in the Long Run

Every organization, no matter what industry they are operating in, loves the idea of saving money. With HaaS, you can save yourself a lot of money in the long run. No longer will you have to go through the process of finding the right tech and then paying for it every time you need it. Purchasing new hardware can be expensive, as well. But, with HaaS, you can turn what would be large purchases into smaller, monthly payments.

You'll also save money in terms of maintenance. Bringing in IT maintenance workers can be expensive, but the HaaS pricing platform is much more cost-efficient.

Less Worrying, More Focusing Core Functions

Organizations that succeed are ones that cut out the unnecessary functions of their business and focus on what really matters. More and more organizations are continuing to adopt an outsourcing philosophy so that they can focus on what really matters — providing excellent service or products to their patients, customers, or clients.

HaaS is another excellent way to do this and frees you up your time to make your core functions better. Doesn't spending less time worrying about figuring out when to update your hardware and more time focusing on what makes your organization great sound nice?

Improved Scalability For Your Organization

Your organization will likely not be the same 5-10 years from now. By using traditional methods to get your hardware, you may end up having too much or too little tech from year to year.

HaaS solutions allow you to scale up or down as your business needs change, so you don’t have to be stuck with tools you no longer need at the end of the year. Or, on the opposite side, you won't be scrambling for more tech solutions as you grow.

When it comes to growing your organization, making sure you have the proper processes in place to allow for scalability is critical. HaaS is one of those processes.

Contact Medicus IT to Team Up With a Reliable IaaS Partner

Here at Medicus IT, we work with healthcare organizations to strengthen their IT in many different facets, including cybersecurity, HIPAA compliance, backup and disaster recovery, and more.

We also offer infrastructure as a service. As we talked about earlier, maintaining your own IT infrastructure/hardware can be costly. The implementation and maintenance of on-site IT infrastructure are one of the most significant drivers of capital expenses for small and medium-sized organizations.

When you decide to partner with us, we'll advise you on alternative solutions that can help reduce cost and increase productivity through the following services:

IaaS Services

For clients that aim to mitigate one-time expenses (IaaS) can lower your business’s bottom line by helping you avoid large capital expenditures associated with costly hardware, refreshes every three to five years.

Co-Location Services

We have co-location facilities for clients looking to outsource the oversight and security of their data servers and storage. We'll consult with you during the co-location process to ensure everything goes smoothly, including inspecting and installing server equipment and providing ongoing monitoring to ensure systems are running properly.

To get a hold of us, simply call us at whichever location is closest to you, or send us a message through our contact form!

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And, if you're still considering whether or not to outsource your IT, download this free Ebook to help you come to the right decision.