Medicus IT Unveils Game Changing Service Bank™, Taking Healthcare IT Managed Services to Another Level

Medicus IT

By Medicus IT

[Alpharetta, Oct 31 , 2023] – Medicus IT, a leading innovator in IT solutions for the healthcare industry, is thrilled to announce its game changing addition to its mCare™ Services line up - Service Bank™.  This innovative solution redefines how Medicus manages pre-paid services, providing its clients with unprecedented flexibility, streamlined budgeting, and seamless resource access. 

Service Bank operates like a financial lifeline for clients, enabling them to tailor their support experience to their unique needs. With an initial deposit and the ability to add funds anytime, clients can swiftly respond to emergent requirements and kick-start new projects with ease. 

Service Bank™ not only enhances flexibility but also transforms budgeting. Clients gain a budgeted support tool by pre-funding their accounts, empowering them with greater financial control and visibility while streamlining client side-approval processes. 

Like the convenience of an ATM in the banking world, Service Bank™ offers a comparable level of ease and accessibility within healthcare IT support. Just as an ATM allows patrons to access funds anytime and anywhere, this new service empowers clients to tap into pre-paid services whenever needed for typical technology needs to keep environments at peek performance. 

“We're not just changing how we deliver managed services; we are transforming how we support healthcare IT environments. Our Service Bank™ solution complements our existing mCare™ managed services program, creating a harmonious blend of core and supplementary offerings for a more resilient support ecosystem,” said Chris Jann, CEO Medicus IT.

  • Service Bank, a retainer for non-support time-based work and mini-projects as a pay-for-access service, grants clients the advantage of leveraging Medicus’ top-notch IT technical professionals. With vast knowledge and expertise, the organization’s best and brightest team members are at their clients’ disposal through this entitlement. Clients commit to an initial monthly retainer based on the estimated work effort, typically catering to tasks within five hours or less. This initial value can be adjusted, offering flexibility in a client’s engagement. As the monthly service is utilized, the retainer's value decreases until a limit is reached. Any usage beyond the monthly retainer is invoiced per usual.
  • “Having Medicus on retainer ensures peace of mind for our clients. Knowing that support can be reached via phone, email, or ticket whenever a technical need arises, and we will promptly schedule a member of our technical team to work on the request creates an even more enhanced level of service,” said Chris Jann, CEO Medicus IT.
  • Funds within Service Bank™ can be used for:
  • Emergency support services
  • On-site technical services
  • Application support services
  • After-hours technical services
  • Time-based project engagements
  • Fixed-priced project engagements
  • Project management services
  • Consulting services
  • Virtual Technical Executives™ services
  • Assessment services
  • Short term technical assistance on projects
  • Travel and expenses for on-site support

In today's rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, technology is critical in providing quality patient care and optimizing operational processes. As the demands on healthcare IT departments escalate, healthcare organizations seek innovative ways to leverage technology investments, align IT with their unique business objectives, and achieve operational maturity.  Medicus’ release of Service Bank™ is yet another innovative product development from this nationally known technology leader.

 About Medicus IT

Medicus IT is committed to helping healthcare organizations leverage technology to optimize patient care and deliver better patient outcomes. Moving beyond traditional IT, Medicus helps its healthcare clients run their IT infrastructure, grow their operations, and transform their organizations. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with service centers in New Jersey, Ohio, Florida, Arizona, California, and North Carolina, Medicus is one of the nation's top healthcare IT providers, serving over 6,000 providers, with over 40,000 users across 2000 locations.

Together, we drive healthcare forward™.