Why your medical practice shouldn't depend on the break-fix model

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By Medicus IT

Healthcare IT infrastructure is growing increasingly complex, and it’s come to the point where the break-fix model may no longer be sustainable. Despite being around for decades and offering a seemingly cost-effective solution, the model’s hands-off approach to everyday IT business needs can end up costing you more in the long run.

Below, we explain further why your organization should work to break free from the restrictions of a break-fix model.

What does the break-fix model mean?

The break-fix model demands that an IT provider only delivers support services on an “as-needed” basis. The name already describes it – when something breaks, they fix it. The model focuses on IT issues, not proactive support. 

The IT provider’s break-fix support generally includes services such as installations, upgrades, repairs, and network management. This approach to managing an IT network requires no monthly agreement and typically has no ongoing expenses.

What are managed services?

Managed services are designed to deliver services such as network applications and security via ongoing and regular support. Managed service providers handle the daily operations of an IT infrastructure, including:

  • “Always on” monitoring
  • Proactive software and system management
  • Advanced risk management
  • Server management and configuration

These providers implement a proactive approach to service delivery, taking over all IT management responsibilities and allowing healthcare organizations to focus solely on their patients.

Break-fix model vs. managed services 

Consider the differences between using the break-fix model versus a managed service provider.

Break-Fix Model

Managed Services

Billed on an as-need basis

Fixed monthly fee

Reactive approach

Proactive approach

Long service time

Guaranteed/immediate service time

Bare minimum IT services

Comprehensive IT services

Lack of investment in IT infrastructure

Proactive IT maintenance/ Future-proofing IT services and improved risk management


Why your healthcare organization shouldn't rely on the break-fix model 

Relying on a break-fix model ultimately ends up costing you more and restricts your success in the long run. 

Break-fix repairs often involve unpredictable expenses. Without ongoing monitoring and maintenance, repair expenses add up and impact your organization more in the long term. In addition, the model’s reactive support reflects response time. They won’t have break-fix technicians on standby to respond to every call. This delays repairs and issue resolutions, which only hurts your business productivity.

Since break-fix companies are paid to fix issues, they cannot prevent them from happening. On the other hand, managed service providers offer a proactive IT approach that prevents issues from turning into downtime or unnecessary costs. Their business-focused IT support helps manage, protect, and grow your business operations. The right managed service provider manages your overall IT infrastructure to safeguard your data, increase productivity, and scale for the future.

Trust the industry-leading experts in Healthcare IT

Using managed services is an effective strategy that allows your organization to remain secure, highly resilient, competitive, and cost-effective. However, it is just as important to find a partner that is dedicated to providing excellent service delivery and utilizing best practices to maximize technology and enable your organization to thrive.

At Medicus IT, we understand how continuity of care is something every organization needs. Regular, reliable, and ongoing support is essential not just for your patients but for your technology as well. We are at your service every day for server and PC management, vendor management, backup and disaster recovery, business continuity, and more. In addition, we strategize for unforeseen circumstances with our proactive and preventive approach to healthcare IT

We work with you to make your IT needs a predictable cost while ensuring your infrastructure never limits your business’ growth and success. 

To learn more about how we can help your healthcare organization run, grow, and transform, contact Medicus today.