Medicus IT Password Hacks

Are you creating unique passwords to help keep your accounts safe?


Follow these 3 simple tips to generate passwords that are impossible to crack so you can keep your business safe from hackers!

1. Utilize a password generator to create complex passwords in a matter of seconds.
2. When you create passwords, don't write them down!
3. Use a password safe to easily store complex passwords.

One of the worst things you can do is use the same password for multiple accounts especially if you made your own password instead of generating one. Passwords that you create yourself are more likely to be less complex and shorter than something like 3a8J8qccY@.

Which password do you feel is safer to use and harder to crack, MedicusIT123 or 3a8J8qccY@?


I bet you said the second one!


1. Password Generators

Medicus IT Password Hacks

Creating passwords that are more complex can be easily generated using a tool like password generator. This allows you to easily generate a password within seconds. The password generator even lets you establish the criteria such as symbols, special characters and even uppercase letters.


2. Don’t Write Your Password Down

Medicus IT Password Hacks

Writing down a complex password defeats the purpose of creating a password that is hard to crack when the information can easily be found such as on a scrap piece of paper taped to the inside of your desk drawer.


Make sure you memorize your password and if you do have to write it down somewhere then store that information in a different location such as your safe or lock box at home.


3. Password Safe

Medicus IT Password Hacks

Remembering long complex passwords can be a challenge, however, there are tools available that can help such as Lastpass which is a password safe. It can also integrate with Chrome so it is easy to use and convenient. This tool makes it possible to have 20 different passwords for users while only having to remember one, the master password.


Lastpass takes serious security measures to make sure your passwords stay safe and your data is kept secret (even from Lastpass). If you are a business then you can set Lastpass up to be centrally controlled by an admin so passwords can be changed when needed, which makes on-boarding a new employee even more convenient.


Passwords are easy to hack when you create them yourself so make sure you utilize password generators and take extra safety measures to help keep your business and your information safe.



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