To Outsource Or Not? How Healthcare IT Solutions are Changing in 2019

Medicus IT

By Medicus IT

The healthcare industry is complex and ever-changing. Like any other industry, the healthcare industry requires technical support to keep up in the 21st century. Whether the support is for infrastructure, networks, cybersecurity, or technology upgrades, the need for technology support continues to grow. The hardest question for most healthcare practices is, "Should we hire our IT support internally, or outsource?" Over the past decade, the answer has been progressively moving to outsource.

The reason for this move to outsourcing healthcare IT services is multifaceted. Black Book Research surveyed more than 1,000 hospital Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and 243 Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) from more than 250 hospital systems during their research. They also surveyed business leaders from  1,400 outpatient, alternative care, and physician practices to gather their point of view on technology and outsourcing.

Black Book Research found that the motivating force, of these healthcare industry leaders, to move toward healthcare IT outsourcing is a positive return on investment and quick access to technology and service staff. The research firm also noted that this push toward outsourcing comes from the growth in complexity that healthcare organization face as they move forward into the future. This complexity comes from the growth of the size of healthcare facilities, the sophistication of Electronic Health Records (EHRs), analytics, and the growing complexity of HIPAA compliance.

Black Book Research also found that 90 percent of leaders surveyed that currently or formerly outsourced IT services are at or near a complete return on their investment in three months or less. 84 percent of these leaders stated that their outsourced IT services exceeded their expectations. The survey also found that 86 percent of CFOs and 91 percent of CIOs would restructure their healthcare organization to try outsourced healthcare IT solutions providers.

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