Why Having IT Data Backup and Recovery Are More Important Than Ever For Your Medical Practice in 2020

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Imagine a world where auto-save isn't a thing. Yes, it makes us shudder too.

IT Data Backup Recovery

Just think, you could be writing up the next big screenplay on Google Docs, but all of a sudden there is a power outage and, without their automatic save feature, you lose everything. Now no one will know your brilliance, and your screenplay will never see the light of day.

Or, maybe as a young kid, you were up late playing a video game, trying to beat it. You were so close to finally taking down the last level, but then your console shuts off. While today, gaming systems have built-in save options, that wasn't always the case. Now, you have to start back from square one.

These scenarios may seem rather trivial when you imagine it happening to a healthcare practice. However, now we are no longer talking about a simple automatic save feature. Instead, we are talking about the need to always backup patient data, as well as have stepped in place for how to recover that data if anything were to happen to it.

So, why is backup and recovery for healthcare more important today than ever before?

Let's find out.

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Why Data and Recovery is Crucial For the Healthcare Industry

There are a couple of reasons why data backup and recovery is such a large component of the healthcare industry. Here they are.

Healthcare is a Favorite Target of Hackers and Data Thieves

This should probably come as no surprise for those within the industry, but cyber-criminals are going after healthcare companies like never before. In fact, according to Kate O'Flaherty, a senior contributor covering cybersecurity for Forbes, the last five years have seen a significant surge in cyber attacks on the healthcare industry.

As a result of the increase in attacks and the high stakes, healthcare companies around the U.S. are prioritizing their data security and backup. According to the 2018 Thales Healthcare Data Threat Report, US healthcare has the highest percentage of respondents planning to increase spending on endpoint and mobile device security (62% compared with 57% global).

The price of investing in added security pales in comparison to having patients' data stolen, as well as the fallout that your healthcare brand may encounter.

Healthcare Companies Deal With a Lot of Data That is Very Important (and Private)

Healthcare breaches are especially dangerous because when it comes to patient data, the consequences of that data are severe. As O'Flaherty outlines in her article, data breaches could potentially cause medications to be mixed up—or someone may fail to get the treatment and care they need for a specific illness.

Like a bank that is armed with security cameras and guards to protect their assets, a healthcare practice, clinic, or hospital must take their security, backups, and recovery procedures very seriously.

Your patients placed their trust in your organization to not only take good care of them but also to make sure that their sensitive data is safe and secure. This means that backup and disaster recovery should also be prioritized when it comes to your data security.

How Medicus IT Can Help Keep Your Data Secure (Recovery and Backup Services)

At Medicus IT, we offer continuity solutions that make sure that your network can quickly be revived in the event of hardware failure or another event that derails your systems.

You know the importance of always having a plan B. And that's exactly what we'll handle for your healthcare organization.

We'll work towards reducing the risk of common healthcare business issues revolved around your IT system, as well as ensure that your data is protected around the clock—all day, every day.

What We Do

We provide an extensive list of Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solutions that can be altered to fit the needs of your business. We understand that not every organization we work with is the same, and so we make it a priority to be flexible with our services to make that you're covered in all areas of data protection.

We securely encrypt your data in transit and back it up at an off-site facility where the backups are stored and encrypted, keeping them safe and secure and available for whenever restoration is needed.

Our Backup solution provides:

  • Automated assurance of backups
  • Continuous protection with backups throughout the entire day
  • Secure storage
  • Instant recovery
  • Executed HIPAA Business Associate Agreements (BAA)

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